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Stonewall Dodgeball 2016 Summer Tournament  Dodgeball · Any Open

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Registration Dates:
2016-05-09 – Sat May 21 23:59:59 EDT 2016 regular
Sun May 22 00:00:00 EDT 2016 – 2016-06-16 late
DC Jewish Community Center
Minimum age:
21 years old
Maximum age:
99 years old
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Free Agent Fees
Regular 35.0 + 2.0 Processing Fee
Late 35.0 + 2.0 Processing Fee

Stonewall Sports Tournament 2016 - Dodgeball
Washington, D.C.

Dates: July 16-17th 2015 
Location: DC Jewish Community Center (16/Q St. NW) 
Host Hotel: Beacon Hotel (1615 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036) Register Here with the code: Stonewall

Who is invited? : EVERYONE!! Stonewall Sports is a volunteer run, non-profit, inclusive adult LGBT & Allies sport league that believes in the values of community building, charitable giving, and FUN - Come join us!

Tournament Theme: This year's tournament theme will follow-up on last year's theme. We present Hunger Games: Part 2 #StonewallDodgeballCatchingFire 

Registration Opens: Tuesday, May 9th 

Teams: 12 Teams Spots (more team may be added)

Players Per Team: 6-8 Players - 6 on the court with 2 rotating subs

Cost: $250 Per Team - Covers 2 days of dodgeball including a chance at dodgeball glory, a tournament shirt, water and snacks on-site, awards, local food and drink specials, a pass for the tournament shuttle and an all-access pass to weekend social events!

Free Agents: Don't have a team but want to play dodgeball? Sign up for our free agent team ($30 per person).          

Registration Date: May 9th - 20th is Regular Regulation ($250/Team); May 21st - June 10th is Late Registration ($300/Team)* 

Team Payment: If a Captain wants to pay the entire team the cost, they may but they MUST provide a final team roster by June 10th. After June, 10th no players can be added OR refunded unless cleared by the Tournament Chair.

*The system is set up so that the team captain can either pay the $250 or split the team payment. PLEASE NOTE A team is not considered complete AND guaranteed a slot in the tournament until the team fee is fully paid. 

Refunds will not be issued after 6/10 if a team drops out. Partial refunds may be issued at the discretion of the Tournament Chair.    

What does the team registration cover? A whole lot of fun stuff including; a lot of dodgeball playtime, tournament swag, transportation to tournament events, access to tournament social events, and much more!      

What rules will apply in the Tournament? The tournament rule will be based on the National Stonewall Dodgeball Tournament Rulebook. The Game Maker will send out a link with the rulebook in advance of the tournament (early June). The Tournament will also host an online rules/strategy sessions before the tournament to prepare captains/players (Early July).   

Why play in our Tournament? 
1.) Because you're a good person, hell you're awesome -- meeting new people, building community, and dodgeball is fun! 
b.) DC (the Capitol) is crazy fun, the people are super diverse, and you want to support inclusion! 
iii.) You want to find someone special and your local Grindr/Scruff/Tinder/Bumble network is just not the right pool of tribute.    

Stonewall Dodgeball Tournament Leadership 
Melvin Thomas & Scott Filter    

Tournament Chairs & Head Gamemakers   

Jarrod Clay (NC), Joseph Peltzer (Philly), Paul Cash (Raleigh), Yang Ku (DC) & Charlie Cook (DC) 
District Mayors/Chaperones 

Tournament Notes:

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