Stonewall Kickball 2015 Summer Tournament  Kickball · Co-Ed Open

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Registration Dates:
2015-05-19 – 2015-07-19 regular
Washington D.C. National Mall
Group F,  Group E,  Group D,  Group C,  Group B,  Group A
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
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Team Fees
Regular 400.0 per team

Stonewall Kickball National Tournament
Washington, D.C.

Dates: July 17-19, 2015
Location: National Mall and Stead Park (17th/Church Streets NW) 
Host Hotel: Westin City Center (14/M St. NW) 

Who is invited? : EVERYONE!! Stonewall Sports is a volunteer run, inclusive adult LGBT & Allies sport league that believes in the values of community building, charitable giving, and FUN!

Registration Opens: Tuesday 5/19
Max Number of Teams: 24
City Team Max: 8 
Minimum Number of Players Per Team: 12
Maximum Number of Player Per Team: 16 
Cost Per Team: $400*

*The system is set up so that the team captain can either pay the $400 or split the team payment. PLEASE NOTE A team is not considered complete AND guaranteed a slot in the tournament until the team fee is fully paid. Individuals need to sign up with an existing team; we are not currently accepting free agents.

Refunds will not be issued after 6/1 if a team drops out. Partial refunds may be issued at the discretion of the Tournament Chair.    

How will the games work? We'll have a single bracket with all 24 teams and the format will be World Cup-style: On Saturday, six groups of four teams each will play round robin games within their group (3 games/team). The top 12 overall teams based on that will play in a seeded tournament Sunday. The groups will be drawn randomly at the opening party on Friday, except that no more than 2 teams from the same city will be in a single group (assuming enough geographic diversity).

What does the team registration cover? A whole lot of fun stuff including: game shirt, transportation to tournament events, access to tournament social events, and much more! The registration also pays for the cost of operations and any balance is returned for league development.    

What rules will apply in the Tournament? The tournament rule will based on the National Stonewall Kickball Rulebook. We will send out a link with the rulebook in advance of the tournament.

Why play in our Tournament?
1.) Because you're a good person, hell you're awesome -- meeting new people, building community, and kickball is fun.
2.) DC (the Capitol) is crazy fun, the people are super diverse, and you want to support inclusion!
3.) You want to find someone special and your local Grindr/Scruff/Tinder network is just not the right pool of tribute.   

Stonewall Kickball Tournament Committee

Tim Jucovy, Micheal Barnett, Adam Beck, Jason Boone, Todd Carlough, Joe Lee, Jonathan Melton, Sean O'Brien, Nathan Olson

Tournament Notes:

Registration is closed

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