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Player Assistance Fund

Stonewall Sports National Tournament and Summit
Player Assistance Fund

Stonewall Sports is committed to diminishing barriers of access for players to participate in the annual tournament. As such, we offer a Fee Waiver/Assistance program for members of our community experiencing financial and economic hardship. Applicants can apply for a 50% or 100% discount (including processing fees) of the sports registration fee for the National Tournament and Summit.

Read on for more information on how to apply and to get your questions answered.

Need more information or still have a question? Contact and you will receive a response within 48 hours.

Who is eligible to apply?
Players that are intending to participate in a sport at the National Tournament and Summit are eligible to apply for the Player Assistance Fund. Individuals that are only interested in participating through the Events Pass option are not eligible to apply..

When can I apply?
The application will be available for a three week period once registration opens. This is to allow enough time for review of applications and provide notifications to applicants of next steps prior to the close of registration.

  • 2023 Application Period: Monday, April 17th through Friday, May 5th
  • 2023 Sports Registration Period: Monday, April 17th through Monday, May 15th
  1. Early Rate of $70: Monday, April 17th through Sunday, April 30th*
  2. Regular Rate of $80: Monday, May 1st through the end of registration*

*Applicants that receive a 50% sports registration fee waiver will pay the remainder of the amount ($35 or $40) based on the date their application was submitted.

Where do I apply?
Applications can be submitted during the open application period
If the form is currently closed, please reach out to We will review requests after the deadline on a case-by-case basis. Requests cannot be accepted once registration fully closes.

Is my information private?
Yes, the information provided in your application will only be viewed by select members of the Stonewall Sports National Tournament Committee for eligibility and financial determination. We will not request documentation of employment or finances at any point of this process. However, our goal is to meet as many needs as possible. As such, we assume good faith and expect applicants to uphold the honor system when filling out the application.

Only highly aggregated and anonymous data will be shared for budgeting purposes and is not stored for more than one calendar year.

Can the player assistance fund cover other tournament related expenses (e.g. hotel or travel)?
Unfortunately, we can only offer a 50% or 100% sports registration fee waiver with this pool of funds, at this time. We encourage you to reach out to your local leadership about any opportunities that may exist on covering other tournament costs

How long does it take to receive a decision?
Applicants should expect to receive a decision within 48 hours after application submission. If eligible, an applicant will receive next steps to claim their waiver which must be completed by the end of the sports registration period 

Please note that misuse or abuse of the player assistance fund process will result in the cancellation of your registration and may prevent you from participating in the National Tournament and Summit.

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