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Philly Tournament Leaders

Meet the leadership for our 9th Annual Tournament & Summit

Rob Leis (he/him) - National Tournament Director

"To me, playing queer sports is about bringing my chosen family together for community through organized competition. I'm out here to have fun and to make sure my friends are having fun too."

Home Chapter: Columbus, OH

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Gabe Marenco-Garcia (they/them) - Tournament Chair

"Sports can be a real triggering and traumatic experience for queer-identifying folx in their formative years. I feel it is important that we continue to remind ourselves of that as an organization. Joining Stonewall allowed me to break down that wall and finally enjoy sports. I'm not the most competitive or athletic by any means, but I know how to have a damn good time!"

Home Chapter: Philadelphia, PA

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Eric Cottrell (he/him) - Sports Operations Director

"Joining Stonewall Philadelphia the season after moving to a new city was simply the best decision I've ever made.Its how I met my best friends and still play with many of the same teammates that I started on. I'm so excited to show other players what a magical chapter Stonewall Philadelphia is!"

Home Chapter: Philadelphia, PA

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Leah Garloff (she/her) - Communications Co-Director

"Stonewall Philadelphia has provided a second family to me and many others in the LGBTQIA+ community, and I am thrilled to be able to bring a national tournament to this city so that others can experience the same feeling!"

Home Chapter: Philadelphia, PA

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Joey Pena (he/him) - Communications Co-Director

"Stonewall Sports - Twin Cities has been an incredible way to meet LGBTQIA+ people in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Through Stonewall Sports, I've met so many new warm and welcoming people. I'm so grateful for the community Stonewall Sports creates, and I'm excited to see that come to life in Philly for the ninth annual Stonewall Sports National Tournament & Summit."

Home Chapter: Twin Cities, MN

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Brian Chaffinch (he/him) - Events Director

"I grew up 'afraid' of team sports, but Stonewall Philly gave me a place to feel both welcomed and accepted. And while I originally just joined for the sports, I unexpectedly found a community, and the experience led me to join Stonewall's board of directors planning their events. My goal with every event is to continue to help others build the same community that I did!"

Home Chapter: Philadelphia, PA

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Jon Snyder (he/him) - Tournament Treasurer

Home Chapter: Washington, DC

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