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Kickball - Remix

Player Registration: Includes T-shirts. 

Team sports registration and registration for the Dodgeball Showcase and Kickball Remix games have ended. You may still register for a weekend events pass. Learn more about the weekend’s events and register for an events pass.

Players and Teams: 

  • Teams will be randomly assigned, spreading players from every represented city across teams. 
  • Teams will have a minimum of 13 players


This year Remix Play will consist of:

  • 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, Friday, July 14: Pool play. 2-3 games [depending on timing]
  • 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Friday, July 14: Single elimination “quick” games (Max 3 innings) to determine Remix Champion!

Rules: You can access the full Kickball Rules and a summary of key rules and rule changes for the 2023 tournament below or by clicking the links on our Sports Information page.

Official Kickball Rules

Summary of Key Rules and Rule Changes

Venue Location: Marconi Plaza - 2800 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Fun at the Field: We are excited to be bringing back Kickball Remix and continuing to integrate a fun and creative way to meet players from across the country!

Managers: Please contact any of the members of the Kickball team below with questions or feedback. 

All details outlined above are subject to change at the Tournament Leadership's discretion. Captains will be expected to be the main communication channel for their players. All questions and issues should be brought to the Sports managers to be resolved. Player conduct and game integrity is core to providing a positive experience for all. Tournament Leadership will have the express right to remove or ban a player without refund for violations of our player conduct policy.

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