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Stonewall Sports, Inc. Leadership Team

Matt Williams (he/him) - President

Joey Williams (he/him) - Vice President

  • My favorite food is thick-cut bacon.
  • My favorite city is Chicago.
  • My coffee order is an Iced Coffee, a shot of espresso with Almond Milk. Very sweet!

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Leon Jiles (he/him) - Treasurer

  • My ideal Saturday night is spent having a game night with friends.
  • I like chicken, spinach, and green peppers on my pizza.
  • One of my favorite things about my work/job is training new staff.

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Bartley Mullin (he/him) - Secretary

  • I have a rescue Rat-Cha (rat terrier/chihuahua) named Vip.
  • My favorite TV show, hands down, is SURVIVOR.
  • I collect houseplants.

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Candi Wills (she/her) - Sports Director

  • My favorite sports team is the Steelers, or anything black and yellow... specifically from Pittsburgh. No Bruins! 
  • In high school, I was voted most likely to become a stripper (by my cheerleading squad), class clown, and most school spirited... clearly succeeded in two.
  • On a Sunday, I am typically at a Stonewall or football game, dancing on the field and cheering on the opposing team. "Welcome to Second Base!!"

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Chandler Roth (he/him) - Communications Director

Please feel free to reach out with any press or media inquiries!

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DJ Hunter-East (he/him) - Strategic Partnerships Director

  • In High School, I was voted most likely to come out as gay. Well, I guess I showed them.
  • I collect Vinyl! (Unsure of the number at the moment)
  • My favorite city is London, England.

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Rob Leis (he/him) - National Tournament Director

  • I prefer the mountains over the beach.
  • My favorite sports team is THE Ohio State Buckeyes.
  • I collect the Lego Architecture series.

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Kristian Robinson (he/him) - Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director

  • My favorite television shows are all things Bravo: Real Housewives, Summer House, Vanderpump Rules, Below Deck, etc.
  • I like pineapple and ham on my pizza. Haters, keep hating! <3
  • I have a 7 year old beagle/chow mix named Kingsley.

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Shannon Madden (she/they) - Chapter Liaison Director

  • My favorite food is smoked wings and jalapeno poppers.
  • When I was in elementary school, I wanted to buy a large farm and adopt all the stray dogs.
  • I love iced coffee all year with vanilla and cream.

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Alex Asp (he/him) - Associate Chapter Liaison Director

  • My favorite city is Puerto Vallarta.
  • I collect Playbills from every show I've seen!
  • My ideal Saturday night is seeing a show with friends (Broadway, drag, etc).

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Andy Palermo (he/him) - President Emeritus

  • My favorite television shows are all things reality TV on Bravo.
  • My first concert featured Britney Spears and NSYNC.
  • I have an energetic pup named, Pinot (Grigio).

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Ronnie Few (he/him) - Atlanta, GA Chapter Representative

  • I have an Airedale Terrier named Turner.
  • I get mistaken for Robin Thicke in rural towns.
  • My favorite thing about Stonewall Sports is hearing testimonials of players feeling included and empowered.

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Ryan-Paul Johnson (he/him) - Baltimore, MD Chapter Representative

  • My first concert was Britney Spears!
  • I like Mushrooms, Pineapples, and Jalapenos on my pizza.
  • In Elementary School, I thought I would be a Broadway Performer when I grew up.

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Noah Tobin (he/him) - Boston, MA Chapter Representative

  • I raise African cichlids in an 85 gallon tank!
  • My first concert was Kenny G. and Toni Braxton with tickets I received as a bar mitzvah present from a friend (who is also now a fellow Friend of Dorothy)!
  • In elementary school, I was determined to be a TV chef.

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Patty Hace (she/her) - Cleveland, OH Chapter Representative

Beth Gardiner (she/her) - Detroit, MI Chapter Representative

  • My favorite food is Pad Thai or a good chicken noodle soup! 
  • My favorite sports team is the Detroit Red Wings.
  • I love camping especially around the great lakes!

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Tracey Highfill (she/her) - Greensboro, NC Chapter Representative

  • My favorite food is tacos.
  • My favorite sports team is the Detroit Tigers.
  • I collect Orchids.

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Alex Perdue (he/him) - Indianapolis, IN Chapter Representative

  • My favorite television show is Yellowstone.
  • My favorite city is Queenstown, New Zealand. It legit looks like fern gully when you land at the airport. 
  • I prefer a pool by the beach over the mountains. 

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Joann Huot (she/her) - Jacksonville, FL Chapter Representative

  • I have two pet dogs, Ani Elizabeth, a 13-year-old lab/Shepard mix, and Amelia Louise, a 5-year-old black lab.
  • I collect magnets and shot glasses.
  • In high school, I was voted most likely to carry on traditions.

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Elli Steffen (she/her) - Kansas City, MO Chapter Representative

  • My favorite TV show is the Real Housewives franchise - NJ, Atlanta, and Miami are my top 3.
  • My coffee order depends from where, but it's usually an iced latte of sort.
  • I collect coins! I have a decent size collection.

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Daniel Leavitt (he/him) - New Orleans, LA Chapter Representative

  • My first concert was the 2000 Radio Disney World Tour.
  • I will only eat meat on pizza. Leave off the veggies please!
  • I have a collection of over 1000 movies on blu-ray and DVD.

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Amanda Volk (she/her) - Norfolk, VA Chapter Representative

Bob Kringe (he/him) - Philadelphia, PA Chapter Representative

  • My favorite food is short ribs.
  • My first concert was Blink 182! 
  • I prefer a beach without sand.

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Shelby Baker (they/them) - Pittsburgh, PA Chapter Representative

  • I collect socks and plants.
  • In high school, I was voted "best sense of humor".
  • My favorite food is Poutine.

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    Courtney Smith (she/her) - Raleigh, NC Chapter Representative

    • My first concert was Shania Twain.
    • My coffee order is a Starbucks Brown Sugar Oatmilk Espresso.
    • I am a huge collector of coffee mugs!!

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    Daniel Jongleux (he/him) - Richmond, VA Chapter Representative

    Matt Smith (he/him) - Salt Lake City, UT Chapter Representative

    • I prefer the mountains over the beach.
    • My ideal Saturday night is going out for dinner and a movie.
    • My favorite city is San Diego.

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    Suzanne Blum Grundyson (she/her) - Twin Cities, MN Chapter Representative

    • I am a special education teacher and I love thinking about how we can make all of our spaces more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for all abilities.
    • My coffee order is an iced coffee with oat or almond milk.
    • My ideal Saturday night is a good meal with my wife & friends, maybe a concert, live theater, or a bonfire in the backyard. 

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    Khorey Baker (he/him) - Washington, DC Chapter Representative

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