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Indoor Volleyball

    Tournament Updates (July 15, 2023): Please find Sunday brackets below:

    Format: Two-Day Tournament

    • Each team is guaranteed five (5) matches. Three (3) on Day 1 and at least two (2) on Day 2.

    • Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (tentative)

    • Players will have matches at any time during the two days. Match times will be announced prior to each day of the tournament.

    • Day 1 Structure: Round Robin pool play

      • Each team will be assigned into one of three Round-Robin pools where your team will play one (1) match against each team in your pool. Scoring: 2 games to 25 points, cap at 27.

      • If time permits, the top 2 teams in each pool play will then play 1 game to help determine seeding for bracket play on Day 2. These will be crossover matches so you will not play a team from your pool. Scoring: 1 game to 15, with an 18-point cap.

      • Tiebreakers for seeding will be as follows:

        • Win/Loss record

        • Head-to-Head results

        • Point differential

        • If a tie still exists, there will be a coin toss

    • Day 2 Structure: Brackets

      • Based on seeding from pool play, each team will start with one (1) playoff match in bracket play. The winning team will advance and the losing team will drop into a consolation bracket.

      • Scoring: Each match will be played as the best of 3 sets. The first two sets will be played to 25 points. The third set, if needed, will be to 15 points. Each set must be won by 2, no cap.


    The Stonewall Volleyball National Tournament will operate under the competition rules and regulations as outlined in the 2021-2023 Indoor Rules book as adopted by USA Volleyball. The rules listed below are specific to Stonewall Volleyball and supersede the rules in the Rule Book.

    • Net height for co-ed will be 7'9"

    • Stonewall official shirts must be worn for every game.

    • All players must wear shoes with non-marking soles.

    • Teams must be present 15 minutes prior to their game time and Captains must check in with League Management.

    • There will be 10-minute shared warm-ups prior to your first match. All subsequent matches will have 5-minute warm-ups.

    • Teams must have 6 players present to start. If less than 6 players, there will be a 5 minute grace period until forfeit.

    • Captains are responsible for ensuring that rotations are fair and consistent.

    • Libero's may be used. It is the team's responsibility to clearly identify the libero in a shirt of a different color. Captains must notify the referee prior to the game if a libero will be used.

    Teams & Players:

    • Maximum of 10 players per team roster

    • Maximum of 15 Teams may register.


    • All teams will be required to provide a 5-person work crew for games, consisting of 2 referees, 2 line judges and 1 score keeper.

    • The work crew assignments will be posted on the pool sheets and brackets.

    • Captains are the only members of a team that may discuss a play with a referee for the purpose of clarification or explanation. Captains may not approach line judges.

    • No player may argue with or berate any referee, official, or opponent. Violations will result in verbal warnings and/or removal from the match.

    • If there is a dispute on the court, the referee may stop the game and confer with the VB Manager and/or Asst VB Manager to make the final determination for the outcome of the dispute.

    Venue Location: Competitive Edge Sports, 320 S Henderson Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406


    All details outlined above are subject to change at the Tournament Leadership's discretion. Captains will be expected to be the main communication channel for their players. All questions and issues should be brought to the Sports managers to be resolved. Player conduct and game integrity is core to providing a positive experience for all. Tournament Leadership will have the express right to remove or ban a player without refund for violations of our player conduct policy.

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